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The History of Kirkland WA Real Estate Is More Than 700 Years Old

The first people who settled in our area included a group of Coast Salish Indians known as the Sammamish people. They probably settled near our city more than 700 years ago near the banks of Lake Washington. They established large fishing territories and tended farms that produced food for everyone. Some of the descendants of these people still live in our city today.

The first American settlers arrived in our area during the 1880s. They included a Seattle-area steel tycoon named Peter Kirk who established a steel mill that was located near Lake Washington.

Some of the industries that laid the foundation for our early economy included wool production, logging operations and shipbuilding. Moreover, many settlers tended farms that were located where our Houghton neighborhood is now located.

Modern interest in our homes for sale was established in the 1960s Seattle-area residents discovered our affordable living costs and friendly atmosphere. Many homes featuring Space Age and Modernist architectural designs were built during this time that were purchased by young families.

Our properties are now located in a thriving city that offers homebuyers a wonderful lifestyle and access to many of Seattle's most popular attractions. These benefits make living in our city worthwhile for anyone who moves to the greater Seattle area.

For more details about the history of our city's real estate market, please read this interesting online article written by our city manager's office.

We Are Located near More Than 60 Recreational Facilities Our homes for sale are located near more than 60 recreational facilities that are operated by the Kirkland Parks and Recreation Department and the King Conservation District.

Some of the most frequently visited facilities include:

Most of our recreational facilities are located near playgrounds, picnic areas, marinas, fishing spots and athletic fields that are host many recreational activities each day. Some of our residents' favorite recreational activities include:
  • Dance classes.
  • Fitness classes.
  • Wildlife tours.
  • Adult and youth recreational sports.
  • Youth summer camps.
  • Youth cooking classes.

Western Homes Realty Is Located near Many Attractions We are located near many attractions that offer Kirkland residents many ways to enjoy Washington State's beautiful landscape and fun personality. Some of these attractions include:

Many Fun Events Also Take Place near Our Offices Our homes are located near many fun events that offer our residents fun ways to enjoy our temperate climate and friendly atmosphere. Some of our city's most popular events include:

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