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The History of Bellevue WA Homes Spans More Than 600 Years 
The first people who settled near our community probably included a group of Sammamish Indians. They settled near our community more than 600 years ago near Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. They established farms near Lake Sammamish that overlooked large fishing territories. They also spoke a dialect of the Lushootseed language that is spoken by some of their descendants today. 

The first American settlers arrived in Bellevue during the Civil War. One of these settlers discovered coal near Coal Creek. The discovery encouraged William Meydenbauer and Aaron Mercer to purchase real estate in our area during the late 1860s.

Many descendants of these settlers established thriving farms in our area during the late 19th century. Many of these farms formed the basis for our economy for more than 60 years.

Modern interest in our homes for sale was cultivated during the early 1940s after the Mercer Island floating bridge was constructed. Many of the homebuyers who purchased homes during this time include young Seattle-area families who were attracted to our affordable living costs and charming atmosphere.

Our community is now a global city that offers residents a friendly atmosphere, stable living costs and access to many recreational activities. These benefits make living in Bellevue WA worthwhile for anyone who relocates to Washington State.

For more information about the history of properties located in our community, please read this article written by the Eastside Heritage Center.

Our Community Is Located near Many Recreational Facilities 
Bellevue is home to many recreational facilities that offer fun ways to stay fit and active. For example, our community's parks and recreation department maintains more than 60 modern recreational facilities. Some of our favorite facilities include:
Many of these facilities are located near beaches and hiking trails that offer many opportunities for birdwatching, fishing, berry picking and other outdoor activities.

Moreover, our parks and recreation department offers more than 80 recreational activities. Some of our favorite recreational activities include:
  • Youth summer camps.
  • Art and theater classes.
  • Karate classes.
  • Swimming and tennis classes.

Western Homes Realty Is Located near Many Attractions 
Our offices are located near many King County attractions. Some of our favorite attractions include:

Many Fun Events Take Place in Our Community 
Our community is home to many fun events that offer homebuyers a great way to learn about our heritage, culture and personality. Some of our favorite events include:

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